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"Learn How to Move What's in Your Body"
 What Is
Freckles is a cutting-edge holistic movement studio to support your body's optimal strength, health or healing.
All movement sessions are created with an integrative approach to serve your present body's goals.  This is done utilizing the Pilates method, UHP (Universal Health Principles), Franklin method and the Therapeutic Yoga method to best balance, strengthen and upgrade your brain and body. 
We provide state-of-the-art pilates equipment from Balanced Body's CenterLine collection that includes a reformer, cadillac, chair and ladder barrel as well as Gratz pole systems, spine correctors, arm chair and electric chair. Fully equipped with all yoga props from Hugger Mugger: bolsters, straps, cork blocks, foam blocks, eye pillows and sandbags. Freckles is fully equipped with all Franklin Method props as well.
Freckles specializes in group classes and private sessions at the studio for people of all ages. Amanda Krause also travels outside of the studio to teach cutting-edge, one of a kind movement workshops and specialty sessions in homes. Each session or workshop is guided with movement, imagery, embodiment and any equipment or props necessary to support the body with ultimate comfort, organization and strength.
This allows the body and mind to create the strongest and most efficient life-sustaining movement patterns. If you are wanting to shift the comfort and strength in your body, contact Freckles Movement Studio today!
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