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Rates and SERVICES

* All transactions have an additional 3% charge due to financial charges and software increases. Thank you for your understanding and support.

ONE-ONE-ONE TRAINING  (Must be purchased in 5 or 10 session package.)

  • Athletic Training and Recovery:  50 Minutes    $175 (per session)

  • Movement Session:                     50 Minutes    $98 (per session)

  • Movement Session:                     30 Minutes    $73 (per session)

                                                                                   *expires 5 months from purchase

SEMI-PRIVATE & Equipment TRAINING  (Must be purchased in 5 or 10 session package.)

  • Duo - Movement Session             50 Minutes    $58 (per person)

  • Trio - Movement Session              50 Minutes    $50 (per person)

  • Quartet - Movement Session        50 Minutes     $40 (per person)

  • Quintet - Movement Session        50 Minutes     $35 (per person)

  • Duo - Movement Session.            30 Minutes      $48 (per person)

  • Trio - Movement Session              30 Minutes      $38 (per person)

                                   *expires 4 months from purchase
Pilates Mat classes or Pilates Mat/Equipment classes

Movement Class (3-4 people | 50 minutes)          ​

  • Individual Class (Pilates Mat/Equipment Class) - $40

  • 4 Class Package (Pilates Mat/Equipment Pack) - $144

  • 8 Class Package (Pilates Mat/Equipment Pack) - $288

  • All mat class participants must take a minimum of one monthly - 30 or 50 minute one-on-one pilates session.

UHP SESSIONS (45 - minutes):

  • Individual Session - $150

  • 5 Session Package - $490  *expires 8 months from purchase

  • 10 Session Package - $980 *expires 12 months from purchase

Restorative Yoga:

  • Individual Class - ​​$25


Story Time:

  • Individual Class Per Child - $14

    • 45 minutes

    • Child Can Bring Journal

    • Ages 3 1/2 - 18 years-old

    • Student Centered Environment

    • Led by Innate Intelligence

Please Keep in Mind

  • You must pre-register for all classes through our online MindBody software.

  • Must sign up for group classes 3 hours minimum prior to class.

  • One-on-one, semi-private pilates, and UHP sessions are booked in the studio, by phone, or email.

  • Group Mat Classes must have 3 people signed up online for class to run. If there is less than 3 people signed up, class will be cancelled and you will be notified via our MindBody software or text message or phone call.

  • You must not have any medical restrictions for group mat, yoga or equipment classes. If you do have medical restrictions, one-on-one sessions are required before entering any group class.

  • Note: All packages and drop-in fees are non-refundable and have expiration dates that are enforced.

  • All mat class participants are required to take a minimum of one monthly - 30 or 50 minute private session. These sessions are only sold in 5 or 10 packages and are purchased and scheduled in advance at the start of your first session. 

  • All non-group class services are booked fully (the whole package purchased) in advance IN  THE STUDIO at your first session. Bring your calendars to your first session!

Cancellation Policy

We require that you provide at least a 24-hour notice if you plan on canceling a scheduled session or class. If a 24-hour notice is not given, you will be charged for the lesson or class. Thank you for honoring your time, my time, and the rest of our community member's time. 

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