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Amanda Krause is the owner and movement educator at

Freckles Movement Studio. 

She has participated and observed in a plethora of strength and conditioning/movement programs throughout her life. She was a very competitive and successful student athlete both in high school and while attending The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


It was in Milwaukee where she first connected with the Pilates Method and shortly after, she started to move with a greater sense of awareness and ease. Her thoughts about movement and exercise started to shift dramatically in a very nourishing way. As she continued practicing pilates, she continued to heal old basketball and running injuries and started feeling stronger than ever. Needless to say, she was hooked and very curious to learn more about this new approach to movement. 

Amanda has been teaching and studying movement for over a decade. She has done numerous trainings with her most rigorous training being her Advanced Comprehensive Training with The Pilates Center in 2012. The Pilates Center offers the most efficient pilates training program in the world and has been referred to as the “Harvard of Pilates Teacher Training Programs.” 


Amanda continues to study under distinguished movement educator, Debby Orlando, Pilates Teacher-Trainer and Franklin Movement Educator out of Milwaukee, WI. In addition she studies with Cheri Dostal-Ryba, a Franklin Movement Educator and Therapeutic Yoga Therapist out of California. 

Amanda continues to study different methods that support the body to heal itself. In 2016, she started traveling across the country for a comprehensive training, Universal Health Principles (UHP) with brilliant, Laura Hames Franklin. And most recently studied and trained in New York City with world renowned, Eric Franklin to become a certified Franklin Method Educator.


Amanda Krause is the only collective UHP Practioner and Franklin Method Educator in the Midwest. And is 1 of 6 in the world. 

In addition to teaching movement classes, Amanda loves creating one of a kind specialty courses and workshops that optimize personal performance and joy. She enjoys teaching these classes at Freckles and traveling to other studios to share her work. 

When Amanda is not teaching you can find her dancing through the streets of Green Bay, being in the beautiful midwest terrain, studying the human body, moving to live music, participating in the cities wonderful local specialties, traveling or playing and connecting with other creative humans. 

Lastly, Amanda loves volunteering her time as the 6th grade head coach for the Purple Aces Basketball Program. "Movement is the key to all movements, movement is life, enjoy it!"

Whether your desire is to be the best athlete, a healthier being,embodied entrepreneur, able to manage and reduce pain from any specific diagnosis, increase range of motion or feel more joy and comfort in your body; Freckles is ready to support your optimal development or healing!


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