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Pilates Equipment: The Ladder Barrel

This is the Swan exercise done on the Ladder Barrel.

Thanks to this piece of Pilates equipment, it naturally enhances the bodies sensory systems to optimize natural muscle activation and movement. This exercise simultaneously strengthens our balance and proprioception. As you connect your mind and body to navigate through this exercise you increase the benefits.

Healthy proprioception is key for long term health, life-long brain power and optimal performance.

In addition, I love how this Pilates exercise creates the balance of feeling healthy compression in the posterior spine and free decompression in the anterior spine. As one moves through this exercise, it counters the forces, allowing the posterior spine to receive free decompression while the anterior spine receives healthy compression. The facet joints and intervertebral disc in our spine need these movements daily to stay healthy and strong for life.

This Swan Pilates exercise brings endless benefits to our brain, body and heart. I'm happy to have shared of few of them with you.

Would you like to experience this?

Contact Freckles Movement Studio today to get started with a program that supports your long term health and life goals.

Best Health & Energies,

Amanda Krause


Team Freckles

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